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Pirate Theme Sugar cookies

Pirate Theme Sugar cookies

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Ahoy there, matey! Pirate-themed cookies sound like a delightful treat for any swashbuckling occasion.

Our yummy Extravagant Sugar Cookies are gonna make a splash at any party. 

Pirate Hat Cookies: Bake cookies in the shape of pirate hats, complete with a wide brim and a skull and crossbones symbol on the front.

Treasure Chest Cookies: Design cookies in the shape of treasure chests.  Yellow decorated icing to make them look like they're filled with glittering gold coins and jewels.

Ship Cookies:  pirate ship-shaped cookies with sails, cannons, and flag flying high.

Pirate Beer mug cookies to quench those thirsty pirates at sea! 

All cookies can be individually wrapped - just ask for details 

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