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Custom Corporate Cookie Tray Bouquet

Custom Corporate Cookie Tray Bouquet

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What a perfect thank you gift! Have us make you an Extravagant Cookie Bouquet with your corporate logo and thank you message. 

Our Gourmet Cookie Tray Bouquets are not only Extravagant but beautiful! 

Surrounded by our deliciously freshly baked gourmet cookies and your choice of 5, 7 or 12 rose sugar cookies make  the best birthday gift ever! 

Delivered city wide or across the country.  If it is outside of Winnipeg, the cookies will be on our Extravagant cookie deliver box individually wrapped to perfection 

Note- if ordering bouquets outside of Winnipeg- these will come individually wrapped in our Extravagant Cookie box and not arranged as a Cookie bouquet arrangement due to the nature of shipping across the country.

How our Cookie Trays work 

1. choose the bouquet size and your choice of gourmet cookies- We recommend assorted! 

2. Email us your logo in a high resolution jpeg and any specific details ( let us know your order number) 

3. Let us do the rest! 

4. Enjoy 

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